Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Three nights in Vegas for only $182.76

Wondering how I got such a good deal????  There are a couple of weeks this summer when the rates at Mandalay Bay are as low at $70 a night. I was tipped off to those low rates and jumped on the chance to stay at one of our favorite family friendly hotels. If I had booked through the hotel, the total price including taxes and resort fees would be $242.76.
I saved $60 by doing the following. My mecca, Costco, sells $100 gift cards to Vegas.com for only $80. I bought two of those. Then, I googled Vegas.com promo codes. VEGAS20 will give a $20 discount if you spend $200. After entering the two gift cards and promo code, the total amount spent was $182.76. Neat, huh?

Available at the Moreno location and online.   http;//Costco.com

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  1. *gasp! Omg, that is an amazing deal. I recently was trying to convince a friend that Vegas is the place to go if you need an inexpensive vacation. I will have to put this tip into use. Thank you!