Saturday, February 8, 2014

Oscar de la Renta and Beats by Dre at GTM

I've been hearing about GTM for a while now and that I should go because it's where Costco sends their extras or returns. And you all know how I love my Costco. So finally I made the trip. There are three locations in San Diego; Lemon Grove, Santee, and El Cajon.  We visited the Santee location and were pretty happy with what we found. While I did recognize tons of the products from Costco, I also saw this bag from the Target Neiman Marcus collaboration. More specifically though, it's made by Oscar de la Renta.

It's pretty, right? The price is good too. When it was debuted a year ago, the full price was $59.99. Today at GTM, it's $14.99. 

The real reason we went, was to look at a pair of Beats headphones. Normally these ones cost $200 but GTM is selling them for approximately $136. GTM also has a coupon today for 30% off electronics. (They release a coupon on their website every Wednesday.) That would have been a great deal except they aren't wireless. So I had to leave them at the store. If you're looking for a pair of Beats, you should go take a look and see if they're the ones you like. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Honest Company at Costco

This is at the Mission Valley location. I'm sure that they have it others too. 

I've been eyeing this product, The Honest Company's baby shampoo and body wash, at Costco for a little while. I pulled the trigger and bought it when I saw the price was reduced to a low $11.99. The sign states that the discount is good through February 9, 2014.

Listen up though. Should you miss the sale, it's still such a bargain at $14.99. You're getting two 17 ounce bottles of product. On The Honest Company's website, one 8.5 ounce bottle is $9.95. See? Run to Costco and get this great product!