Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Marina Kitchen Restaurant and Bar

Recently I had the pleasure of staying at The San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina. It was a great experience from the moment the car was valeted till the moment we departed. The weather was a perfect 79 degrees and in the middle of February no less. Ya gotta love San Diego. Of course I was poolside the entire afternoon! We ordered margaritas and pina coladas and beer. And to eat we had albacore fish tacos and a chicken quesadilla. This was all from Tequila Bar and Grille. The food was excellent, especially the salsas and pico de gallo that came with it. Delicioso.

After a wonderful afternoon of lounging around, we headed to Marina Kitchen for dinner. I will definitely be back. The bar area had a gorgeous view of the hotel's famous pool which was perfectly lit. The dining room had a view of the bay, also beautiful. Our server was delightful, as was the hostess and the manager, who brought us a couple of glasses of Spanish prosecco.

Now let's get down to the food. Important information here. Below you'll see that we feasted like kings. Seriously. We decided to order from every section of the menu to really live it up, appetizer, drinks, desserts. Yes, plural desserts. Don't judge me. Anyhow, check out the menu and you'll see that it's stepped up American comfort food. The breakfast menu also looks great. We planned on dining at Marina Kitchen the next morning but we woke up still full from this meal. We'll have to go back for brunch one of these weekends.

Charcuterie plate. It's three artisan meats & two cheeses served with grainy mustard and buttery toast. 

This right here is the soup of the day. Oh man was it rich and delicious.  It's a cauliflower and potato soup with vanilla poached LOBSTER. If this soup is being offered, you better not pass it up. 

Rib eye steak served with Brussels sprouts and mac n cheese.  Take note of that crunchy top on the macaroni. As I write this post, and look over the online menu for reference, this is not on the menu. (That's what I get for waiting a month before writing this.) That's ok, there's a different rib eye which comes with bone marrow, another fave of mine. 

This is the Daily Roast. It's an herb roasted prime rib with a twice baked potato. 

Here my friends are the TWO desserts we ordered.  Maybe we finished them and maybe we didn't. Don't worry about it. I had the Oreo cheesecake and I loved every bite. The mister ordered the brownie sundae. Of course Mr. Chocolate ordered a brownie sundae. He wasn't disappointed.  I did try his and I liked mine better. So, there.