Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mitch's Seafood on Shelter Island

My husband has been frequenting Mitch's for some time now with his coworkers. He's been telling me how amazing their fish tacos are and they are such a good price, $3 each. "We need to go for Taco Tuesday!" Ok ok, let's go then. Last weekend we took the boy to Shelter Island to play on their swing set and slide for a couple of hours. After we wrapped up, we took the short drive to the famous Mitch's. My husband asked me where I wanted to sit, inside or outside. Duh! Look at the view.

You can order the tacos grilled or beer battered and fried. The mister assured me that grilled is just as good. So maybe next time I'll order them that way. For my first time, I ordered the fried. It was delicious and my husband (I'm so tempted to start referring to him as Mr. GoodLife) was right to bug me about trying this little Shelter Island jewel. If you are reading this, do yourself a favor and plan a trip to Mitch's. Mr. GoodLife (hahaha, it might stick) says that they also have a really good hamburger. However, it'll be a while before I order something that's not a fish taco from this place. The batter was so perfectly crunchy and light and nicely seasoned. I'm dreaming about it.

Please, go now! Order the beer battered fish tacos and sit on the patio and love your life in San Diego. If you're not a resident of America's finest city, visit soon!

It's tough to beat the views in San Diego. 
This is from the patio, looking out into the marina.
Sit here.

This is the combo meal. You get two tacos, chips, salsa from heaven, and beans. I recommend dipping your chip in salsa and then beans or the other way around. Nevertheless, eat it all in one perfect bite over and over again. 

Close up. You can closely inspect that pico de gallo goodness on top there.  The mister won't eat pico anywhere else. (He's such a weirdo.) It's that good.