Wednesday, August 8, 2012


My sweet husband just celebrated his birthday. Upon recommendation, I took him to a restaurant called Saltbox, located in the swanky Palomar hotel in downtown San Diego. 

The food was all wonderful, very rich, and full of flavor. We ordered five or six things. I know... it seems like a little much. It's just that we get so excited whenever we try a new place. Saltbox has one of those menus where every item sounds unique and interesting.

I'm not going to make you look at all of my pictures, although I should. Here's a little highlight from that glorious meal.
What you're seeing here is a little fry basket of smoky and warm chicharones. That's right, fried pork skins. A little saucer of spicy aioli to dip those crispy little treats rounded out the dish.
If you tilt your head a little to the left, you'll be able to make this dish out. Sorry, I thought I was being so creative when I was photographing our food. Anyway, this is a short rib grilled cheese. It was crunchy, salty, warm, melty and heavenly. The homemade pickles were the perfect accompaniment. 
Bone marrow my friends! This is my new favorite food. As one of my foodie friends describes it, meat butter. My husband likes to say that it tastes like the most delicious steak drippings. That's all true. If you are a carnivore, you must try this. Seriously. You scrape your toast through the bone and drag up all the well seasoned marrow goodness. Perfection people!
Now go check out Saltbox's menu. I'm thinking I'm going to return for brunch in the near future and I'll definitely be back to enjoy a drink in the fab bar downstairs. Enjoy!

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