Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back To School Clearance at Target

Skip Hop! I'm obsessed with this brand. I love them so much that last year, before my son was even school age, I bought the penguin backpack and lunch bag. Over the year he has used it for overnights with Grandma or when we would pack a snack to take with us to Disneyland or the Zoo.  Now, he takes his lunch bag to school.  :)

Today I went to the Mission Valley Target to buy milk, bread, and chicken. Of course I left with more than the groceries. The Skip Hop lunch bags were calling me. (And so were these uber cute leopard print smoking flats.) I couldn't resist and the price was right. Those bags were marked down to $9.78.

I also noticed that the snack containers that include ice packs were marked down to $2.78. I paid full price a couple of weeks ago. Go get one! Or two.
These were two of my favorites. I was good and only took one home, the puppy.

These containers hold up to two cups of treats. What makes these special is the ice pack in the lid. Neat-O! Only $2.78, not a bad deal. 

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