Friday, June 8, 2012

Terra American Bistro

Last month Fox 5 Morning News aired a special on restaurants in East County San Diego. One of the places highlighted was Terra. It's a farm to table kind of place with ingredients that are carefully selected by their chef/owner, Jeff Rossman. Anything farm to table gets my attention.  
L to R clockwise: fish tacos, bistro skillet fries, BBQ ribs, and lobster mac n cheese

I'm so glad we went because everything we ordered was delicious. For our appetizer we shared the fish tacos. On the menu, it lists white jalapeno sauce as one of the condiments. It's delicious and we'll be getting those again.
 My friend ordered the bistro skillet fries for her entree. They are hand cut fries topped with truffle oil, pulled bbq pork rib, and jack and asiago cheeses. 
I ordered the Thursday night special which was St. Louis style baby back ribs. They fall right off the bone and melt in your mouth. My friend's husband ordered them too and he was describing the sauce as he was eating. "First it's sweet, now it's spicy, now sweet again." I'd say that was accurate. They also come with a great cheesy tomato pasta and corn on the cob. 
The server recommended the lobster mac and cheese. My husband was happy he took her advice. They load up the plate with lobster and use very flavor cheeses, brie, jack, and asiago. And to add a bit of freshness, you also get market vegetables. 

Mmm mmm mmm... we left very happy and very full. I can't wait to go back. I think I'm either going to order the pot roast or the hamburger. Or maybe we'll go back for brunch. They do have lobster cobb on that menu. Hmm, so many good choices. 

Check out their menu online and decide what you're going to have when you go. Enjoy!

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