Thursday, February 16, 2012


We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary last night at Searsucker, a downtown San Diego restaurant owned by Top Chef contestant Brian Malarkey and James Brennan, owner of Stingaree. Searsucker is located on the corner of 5th and Market and has been open since Summer 2010. I'm just a tad late trying this place.

We had a wonderful time. Our food was fantastic, the service was friendly, and the atmosphere was right on. The lighting was dim which is good but I didn't want to use the flash on my camera and draw attention to myself. What a spectacle that would be. So, my pictures are a little bit dark.

We started with duck fat fries and a Latin Cinema. The fries were crunchy and salty and smoky and one of the stars of the evening. I will be ordering those again.
The Latin Cinema is a margarita made with buttered popcorn infused tequila. It was very very subtle. If you like margaritas, order it.

The main event, Chicken comes first and Butt with bacon emulsion and warm apple salad, both from the farm section of the menu. I had to ask our lovely server what and how the two dishes would come prepared. The butt is pork that's been marinading and has become very tender. The chicken was as perfectly cooked as chicken can get, very flavorful and accompanied with potatoes and stuffing. We enjoyed both of course.

Our server recommended the fried brussels with walnuts and the sunchokes for sides. Smart woman. The brussels were citrusy and rather delectable. The sunchokes were cheesy and tender. I'm so looking forward to my leftovers for lunch as I type this.

And dessert... everything looked delicious so we took the advice of our server and ordered the strawberry tart. The tart was accented with basil and balsamic vinegar and it was divine. I know that the menu changes but I'm hoping that it's available for our next visit. It was that good, the perfect way to end such a fantastic meal.

I want to thank my dear sweet husband for a wonderful anniversary marking our 9 years of marriage. He seriously is the greatest.

Read here for the history of Searsucker, much thought went into the name.

Want to see what the inside of the place looks like? Check out this article.

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  1. Food looks amazing as well as flavorful daring combinations.