Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Poptart Ice Cream Sandwich

That's right friends. This is a Poptart ice cream sandwich. Genius idea! Thank you to the wonderful author of for inspiring this version. Click here for her original recipe.

This week has been jam packed with entertaining. We are hosting dinner three times this week at our house. So that means three dinners and three desserts. In addition to the festivities here at home, my husband has kindly requested that I make goodies for his team at work. That's a lot of baking. 

In order to stay sane and not completely ignore my son, I have resorted to recipes that require little to no baking. And this brilliant Poptart ice cream sandwich is one of the many non baked treats I've made this week. I made this yesterday for tonight's dinner guests. Another plus, this is a make ahead sweet.

I used Safeway's Denali Caramel Caribou ice cream. Just FYI, it's toffee flavored ice cream with caramel cups and Denali caramel. I also used Brown Sugar Cinnamon Poptarts. Together, it was a successful union of flavors.
  • Leave the ice cream out on the counter so it melts a little. It will be easier to smooth on the Poptarts.
  • Spread the softened ice cream on the bottom of a Poptart and then sandwich another tart on top.
  • Wrap the sandwich in foil and freeze for a few hours.
  • Serve and enjoy!!!
One of the guests tonight suggested Strawberry Iced Poptarts with strawberry ice cream. Her husband suggested S'mores Poptarts with chocolate ice cream. Sounds good to me! Invite me over when you make them. :)

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