Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fig Tree Cafe Hillcrest

I totally scored again with a great deal through Living Social. I paid $15 and received a $30 voucher for Fig Tree Cafe in Hillcrest. It's always busy when we drive by which is a good sign. We checked it out online and the menu looked enticing. So needless to say, I was excited when I saw the email notification for Fig Tree Cafe deal.

My husband really wanted the cheese board and I can't pass one up so that was our first course. It was so good, that I'll be coming back here Saturday night for a repeat. The balsamic vinegar and honey drizzled all over was a nice touch. I'm a sucker for anything agrodolce. You can see that there are six cheeses, three on each side of the board. In the center of the board are mustard, figs, walnuts, and a thick berry jelly. Bread is also served with the cheese.

Whenever I go to a new or just new to me restaurant, I order whatever the specialty is or whatever seems the most unique. For my main course, I ordered the Fig Tree personal pizza. The menu description goes as follows, bufala mozzarella, wild arugula, mission dried figs, Parma prosciutto, balsamic glaze. I was a happy girl after one bite. It was authentic Italian pizza, the crust and the size. The toppings were great too, sweet and salty.

Like I said, I've already got my next visit on my calendar. I already know what I'm going to order too. We'll get the cheese board again and I'm going to try the porchetta personal pizza. I also want to try the avocado chutney and the sun dried tomato and gorgonzola mousse from the bites portion of the menu. 

You guys will totally dig this place. I recommend making a reservation because it gets busy and the restaurant is very intimate. Enjoy!

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  1. Looks and sounds delicious! I got a groupon special to try this place out at the PB location. Can't wait!