Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Goody Goodie cream & sugar Cafe & Dessert Salon

I frequently take trips to the Bay Area to visit my family. This trip it was decided that we would stop at all the great places featured on The Cooking Channel and Food Network. Goodie Goody was featured on the Cooking Channel's show, Unique Sweets. Since I'm such a sucker for anything different, especially desserts, I had to stop in and try a few things.

I ordered the Old School Cookie, the Circus Cookie, the Olive Cocoa Nib Wafer, and a Blue Bottle latte. If given the chance to have Blue Bottle coffee, jump on it. It's my absolute fave!

The Olive Cocoa Nib Wafer was very different than any cookie I've ever had. It was perfectly crisp and super thing and chocolatey. Then you get a bite of olive and it's a tiny bit salty. Very different. I'm glad I tried it.

The Old School and Circus Cookies were great. The kettle corn was an unexpected ingredient in the Circus Cookie. It made it surprisingly light.

The service was great and the cafe was charming. I would definitely come back the next time we are in the neighborhood.
The Olive Cocoa Nib Wafer

The Old School Cookie: chock full of chocolate.

The Circus Cookie: Chocolate and Kettle Corn

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  1. Goody Goods is located in the San Francisco Mission District. Although I'm not crazy about chocolate, I especially liked the Circus Cookie. The combination of flavors were quite welcoming to the taste buds...