Friday, April 20, 2012

Taste of Shelter Island 2012

I've been tweeting about this event I went to, Taste of Shelter Island, all week. And I've been talking to other people about it and everyone's been like, "yeah, that's so great, we went to Taste of Downtown and have you heard of Taste of blah blah blah?" Jeez, how long have these things been going on and I didn't even know about them? Too long. Taste of Hillcrest celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2011. 

Since we had such a great time visiting some of our old favorites and trying some new ones on Shelter Island, I thought I would share it with my readers. FYI, if you haven't experienced one of these before it works like this, you pay one price and you get a voucher you take with you to the participating restaurants. There you present your voucher and the restaurant gives you a sample of what you can expect from them. They also offer great drink specials. Those get me every time.  

Below you'll see some of the food we enjoyed from just a handful of restaurants that we stopped at. After a while I couldn't keep up with photographing and writing down everything that we ate. We were also running out of battery on our phones. If you are friends with me or my husband on Facebook, you can see why. He checked us in everywhere. We hit up 13 places in 3 hours. Needless to say I was extremely full and was begging my husband to just split our tastings.  A couple of places that didn't get photographed were the Bali Hai and Pizza Nova. 

Enjoy the photos and consider attending one of these Taste of Events if you haven't done so already. Here's your chance, Taste of Hillcrest is tomorrow. Enjoy!!

This was from Red's. They served us to die for desserts; a red velvet cupcake and a double chocolate stout brownie with ganache and crispy cereal. Not pictured are the catfish cake and jambalaya.

We stopped at Old Venice and they served us pasta and foccacia. Delish.
Old Venice served $3 glasses of prosecco. Yes please!
These soy ginger wings were from Harbor Town Pub. We will be returning.
Here we have octopus ceviche from Gabardine. Very fresh.
Suppanee House served egg rolls and chicken mango curry.
The Elegant Truffle offered lemon ricotta cookies and a caramel truffle.
This tasty bite came from the Blue Wave Bar and Grill located in the Best Western Island Palms Hotel. It's salmon on a bed of pureed English peas. 

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