Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tender Greens in Liberty Station

A friend of mine wanted to meet up for lunch and then walk around with the kids. Liberty Station is perfect for that, there's a path along the water and a couple of playgrounds. There's also a plethora of dining establishments. She suggested we eat at Tender Greens. I had never been but she swore they had the freshest most delicious salads. Ok, let's go.

I pretty much loved it. After walking in and looking up at the menu, you place your order. I must say though, good luck making a decision. There's so many yummy options. I did end up ordering the tuna nicoise salad. After passing the food prep area you are then presented with giant scrumptious looking cookies. Seriously the oatmeal one was calling to me. I settled on the chocolate chip though because I knew I was going to share with my son. 

So let's talk about that salad. Tomatoes, potatoes, olives, capers, egg, tuna, and tender greens tossed perfectly in a sherry vinaigrette. They really were tender greens. Way to go on naming the restaurant. And the cookie was yummy too. My kiddo loved it. But I still want to try that oatmeal one. Maybe next time. 

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  1. Tender Greens rocks! There mashed potatos are delicious too. I saw that you follow me on Twitter (I am following you back) which lead me to your blog! Liberty Station is my neck of the woods. :)