Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crayola Monster Art Tub at Costco

Costco is what can only be described as Christmas Heaven. Lots of toys, oodles of decorations, aisles upon aisles of gift possibilities for girls and boys of all ages. I love going there this time of year for all the browsing and shopping for the big day, December 25. Now of course there are birthdays between now and then to shop for but I'm keeping Christmas in mind.

Here's the first of my recommendations for the holidays.  It's the Crayola Monster Art Tub. This thing is jam packed full of goodies, perfect for all the little artists out there in your life. Also, this is a good gift to buy for nobody. I mean a gift to have on hand when you are invited last minute to a child's birthday party or when you weren't counting on exchanging gifts with a cousin but then surprise! she got a gift for your kid. You know...

My fave part of this item is that it comes in its own tub so you can keep all of its contents nice and organized. For $19.79 this kit includes 64 ct crayons, 10 ct mini twistables, 10 ct super tip markers, 5 ct glitter glue, 12 ct colored pencils, 8 ct extreme markers, silly putty and sketch book.

Too good to pass up!

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  1. I saw it the other day but would have put me over budget that week. I checked just now and it's$45! I really hope Costco has it when I go again.