Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Doctored Up Chocolate Box Cake and Chocolate Lover's Frosting

Happy birthday to my mother in law, Fran! To celebrate, my family came over tonight for dinner and cake.
The cake was chocolate and from a box, but I doctored it up. I followed the recipe but used 1 cup of egg whites instead of three eggs and added two packages of ready to eat chocolate pudding. Because it is so moist, it fell apart when I turned it over to trim off the rounded top. To repair it I "glued" it together with frosting.
Now, let's get to that frosting recipe. It's called Chocolate Lover's Frosting. And, it's from the back of the Nestle Toll House cocoa powder can. You can find it online here.
The frosting is pretty sweet so if that's not your preference, hold back on the sugar and taste as you go.
The white rose was made with white chocolate in a candy mold.
I cheated big time on the filling. I bought a container of Bavarian cream from Do It With Icing. (Have you seen a recipe for Bavarian cream? It has several steps and requires several ingredients.) On a side note, this little cake and candy making store has other fillings too.

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