Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quick Review: Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens

If you like good food and even better beer, you must come here. I love the way the restaurant looks. It's industrial but it has natural rocks and water features and importantly, a nice view of the vats of beer. For dinner we shared two appetizers, the spud buds and Stone soft pretzels. The spud buds are fried garlicky mashed potato clouds.  Heaven. The soft pretzels were warm and yummy with just the right amount of sea salt. Obviously, I wasn't avoiding carbs but I must say, the appetizers paired perfectly with a pint of Stone Ruination IPA - soooo good and only $5. Ruination is super hoppy and deliciously bitter with an alcohol content over 7%. There was something on the menu that I wanted to try but couldn't because I gave up cheese for Lent. It was a jalapeno blue cheese and blueberry cheesecake. It's hard for me to pass up something so unusual so I'm definitely going back after Easter.

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